Hi, I'm Alexis —
and I try.

timezone here?
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About me

What's new, you ask?

I'm currently working as the founding designer at Organise ↗ to build a product for the worker graph. It's early days but time moves at its own pace in a start up.

So, how did I get to this point?

I'm really proud of my journey and have worked with some cool people making lovely things; I've built festival installations, helped convert 2.5 acres of land into a community garden ↗, researched and co-edited a book on the future of Amsterdam ↗, curated an exhibition ↗ (press article in German), failed to find product market fit for some ideas and so much more.

What exactly do you do?

I try 🤷🏻. I design and create digital products that (I hope) contribute to a more equitable world. I try to weave my knowledge in architecture into product design to imagine how pixels impact society in the way we live and work.

How are you trying to make the world less shit?

There is an infinite backlog of Why The World is Shitty™, but I feel passionately about issues surrounding education, mental health and community. Grab me for a coffee chat ↗ if you want to talk about these.


Sometimes, I draw weird things.

An illustration of a cluster of eyes connected by a viscous black liquid

Weird things that are made with Illustrator, Photoshop and MS Paint.

Black and white illustration of a person's side profile with a big hair
Fun projects


Working on these at the moment - An online archive for my book club (yes I have a book club) and an informative website to understand the hype of NFTs (funky purple slinky rendered with webGL, courtesy of tutorials by Superhi).

. . .

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