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Brand Identity

✈ Hummingbird Airlines

Keeping up with the evolving mindset and practices of current and prospective clients is usually a challenge for independent professionals who operate in the "new economy." Signing a good client is not easy, what with the penchant for not spending money being all the rage.

Logo design
Colour & Accessibility
Assets Building
Personality & Tone


A self initiated project to complement and define the UX for the website and mobile app of the airline formerly known as Fly UX.


Design for a new visual identity that differentiates itself from stigma associated with the airline industry.

The brand’s pillars should stand for transparency, empower users to make informed choices and be a visual shorthand for a clear and straightforward experience.

As this is a self-driven project for a fictitious airline, I worked alone but actively conducted tests, polls and crit sessions with fellow designers and potential customers to gather reactions and insights.

Problem Statement

With digital products, UX, UI and brand are woven together by a compelling narrative. While designing the UX for the website, I kept coming back to the question:

“Why are we making these design choices?”

It became clear that to truly bring the interaction and experience beyond a generic airline booking process, the project needed a narrative to align the goals, vision and design principles to.

Hummingbird should empower its customers to make informed decisions in their best interests. No upselling, no nonsense, only pay for what you need.


The airline industry is chocked full of bad design. Years of cluttered websites and processes clogged with upselling has left a negative impression, leaving many wary of airline companies.

This stigma gives rise to a new opportunity, a chance to rewrite the relationship between company and consumer.

The colour is bright and vibrant, signalling a departure from the airline’s corporate past.

The rebrand from Fly UX to Hummingbird aligns the fictitious airline to a vibrant and agile future, one where trust and transparency is at the forefront of every interaction.

Type Selection

“... Its uppercase letters
and numbers are optimized to be read blindfolded and by touching them. The design beingnot primarily focused on optic criteria gives the typeface its distinctive look”

Hummingbird’s typeface employs the tactile form of Grilli Type’s Haptik ↗

Next Steps

- Develop a deconstructed toolkit of shapes from the logo that can be used throughout the brand (animation, print, merchandise etc.)
- Test the logo and graphic elements with the colour palette chosen, monotone/dual
- Understand and test the accessibility of the design elements - not just in colour, but in the brand’s promise and how this translates to its UX.
- Curate an icon set and design system for the website and mobile app

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