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Personal Project

Project Title: Hummingbird Airlines (a.k.a. Fly UX)
End Client: UX Design Institute
Hummingbird Airlines typography set against a hanging bridge in a lush tropical forest.
Hummingbird is an airline for the people. Flying is only one part of your travel, hummingbird brings you where you want to be.

This is a personal branding and graphic design project to support the UX case study of the same booking site ↗.

Role & Responsibilities

I was the lead (and only lol) designer for this project and developed a brand system and identity that would guide some of the visuals and interactions on the flight's booking site.

View Prototype here ↗

How may we design for a new visual identity that differentiates itself from stigma associated with the airline industry?

The best digital products I know and love weave together UX, UI and branding into a compelling narrative. When building out the designs for the flight booking app, I kept looping back to the question:

“Why are we making these design choices?”

While I could make UX decisions driven by research, there was very little anchoring the visual aspect of the product. It became clear to me that to truly bring the interactions and experiences to life, the project needed a personality and narrative to align the goals, vision and design language to.


The airline industry is chocked full of bad design. Years of cluttered websites and processes clogged with upselling has left a negative impression, leaving many wary of airline companies.

This stigma gives rise to a new opportunity, a chance to rewrite the relationship between company and consumer.

The colour is bright and vibrant, signalling a departure from the airline’s corporate past.

The rebrand from Fly UX to Hummingbird aligns the fictitious airline to a vibrant and agile future, one where trust and transparency is at the forefront of every interaction.

A gif of Hummingbird Airline posters changing on a billboard in the streets of AmsterdamA person holding a smartphone showing the splash screen of Hummingbird Airlines app A busy airport with Hummingbird Airlines advertising displaying in a lightboxA plane with Hummingbird Airlines branding

Font - Grilli Type’s Haptik↗
Illustrations - Hands by Ivan Mesaroš ↗, via Blush ↗

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